I.C.T Training [Tutoring]
Use this options to find out more and or enrol for our tutorials via emails or locally at our Phisical Office to get educated on I.C.T Technology

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Learn With Slashes

We are glad you are interested in learning with us

We are best known for our nobel ability to give out the best and to work with every neccessary material we have.

Currently we only have the medium to train you at our physical office which is located in Gonin Gora, Kaduna State and we hope you could make it there or we lecture though emails and personal chat with an instructore via whatsapp.

However, our team of developers is comming up with a website called "LeXpressly" which we hope to be ready by or before January 2020.

Please use the Message Us form in the footer below to leave us a message stating your interest in learning with us.

Introducing LeXpressly

LeXpressly is intended to be an online learning platform where anyone can take courses offered by several verified proffessionals.

On LeXpressly, you will have the opportunity to take choose from the numerus available free courses and you have the liberty to take tests when you feel you are ready and retake them when you dont make your desired marks

LeXpressly is not just a website but a repository of several different courses with the aim of educating and enlighthening everyone and so, we believe everyone has something to teach that is why we are making it open for everyone with good qualification to teach what they know how to do best.

However, LeXpressly is not just for individuals hoping to teach and learn but also for Organizations and all who wish to get new skills easily....

We are pleased to tell you to Expect alot because the work is on and disappointment has never been part of us.

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