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Aver, Jacob Lubem,

i am a Web Developer and Co-Founder of Slashes Inc.
We are always ready and willing to assist you in anyway possible.

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We started in March 2019 and this what our works has accounted for.


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Here is a quick display of some things we know how to do best.

Website Design / Development

Graphic Designs

I.C.T Training

the Above mentioned are our Core Services.
However, We render others like Database Management, WordPress Administration, Online Adverts and more not mentioned.
This means that you can let us know what you wish to have fixed and we will Fix it for you and with you

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As Our Noble Client
Here is what you are Guaranteed on every project or Service.

We work with your imaginations and make the pictures in your heart a reality.

Best practice and aproaches to your project to prodice a mordern and professional result.

Really nice and pleasing End result no mater how urgent the work is

Enjoy a customized style and design to fit perfectly for that purpose its is required

All your details we collect as regards work are treated as Highly confidential.

And More...
Others like, Proficiency, Honesty, Dedication, lesser or no disappointmet ...

Our Blog & Activities
To help you Keep in touch with all our activities, here are the most recent posts from our blog.

Site update and launching of our online learning system

We have promised you a few months back on our social media hadles that we are going to birth an online learning platform to ease tour learning with slashes and we believe that time is gradually approa...

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Know Slashes better

We like to come clean so you could learn us and know our areas of specialty.

We are a computer company and we specialized more on website design and development, graphic designs and training in...

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What SelHood really is

You must have heard of Selhood and you may be wondering what it really is. Well here we are today to make it clear to you.

SelHood is one part of where you can list your items, p...

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Hoodtivity - Two in one Website

we all will love a place where you can have fun, and you will agree with us that a place of fun gathers more people and one advantage of having a lot of people is to make publicity about your products...

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Introducing Office stack 1.0

We feel so happy introducing to you Office stack 1.0, the first and only of its kind Wich is aimed and giving you the basic knowledge on the most relevant computing skills in an office which everyone ...

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Little About Us
You might be wondering who we really are so for the record, here is a brief description of Slashes Inc..

Slashes is a Nigerian Internet and Computer company with the aim of advancing the information and communication system of Nigerian Businesses, Organizations, Companies and even individual.

We are basically a team of young, vibrant and dedicated Web Developers and Graphic Designers with the aim to assist in the development and advaning the Nigerian Business.

We are basically out the provide a better service at a very affordable and convinient rate so every one can be confortable with the digital age we into and more Nigerian business would be represented online as we believe that
"A bussiness not yet online is soon to be out of service".

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